Since we travel with our son we always get asked the same question. A lot of people are interested about what we feed our son while we travel. The answer is very simple, he eats whatever we eat and we don’t feed him, he feeds himself.

From the beginning on, when he started to eat, we practiced the so called baby led weaning method. As soon as a baby reaches the age of six months, is able to sit unattended, lost the tongue thrust and develops interest in food you can integrate the child in all your meals. When you cut the food in fingerlenght slices, a six month old baby is already able to grab the food and lead it to its mouth.

This means that we never fed our son any foods which are especially produced for babies, neither did we smash fruits or vegetables. He feeds himself and chooses what and how much he eats. He basically got what we ate with some simple changes. We cook without salt and sugar, honey should not be given in the first year or even longer and whole nuts or other really hard, crumbly food can be a choking hazard and should be avoided till the child has all its teeth. Apart from that a baby can perfectly chew without any teeth, just trust in your child, it’s such a relaxing way of introducing food!

In the first year of life milk stays the primary source of food anyway which makes traveling even easier. As Liam is nursed, we did not check the availability of milk powder anywhere so we cannot give you any information about that. As a traveling family for us bottle-feeding was no option as it’s extra weight and we don’t want to search where to buy powder. Also, like that we feel like he gets an extra boost for his body’s defense, maybe it helps.

So far this works perfect and we haven’t been to any country where we couldn’t let him eat what we do.

In general everyone of you should stick to a few rules when trying food you aren’t used to. In countries where the quality of the water is not as we are used to, we usually avoid uncooked fruits and vegetables unless we can peel them. Also we don’t drink water out of the tap if it isn’t safe. We usually eat local food all the time, we love streetfood and eat where local people do. The only time we had problems with our stomach was after we went to a non-local restaurant. We heard the same of many other travelers. So we stick to local food which tastes the best anyway.

For long drives or flights we take snacks. If you want to know our general tips for flying with a baby read this article. If you want to know more about how we do long roadtrips, read on here. Two of our favourites snacks are zucchini-carrot waffles and apple-pancakes. Both easy and fast to make, perfect to take and not too messy to eat. It’s also great to use your leftovers before going away for a few days or weeks. Both recipes are also easy to veganize. Just change the eggs with bananas or chiaseeds, use plantbased milk and leave out the cheese.

So here’s how we make it:

Zucchini-carrot Waffles


  • 3 eggs
  • 1 zucchini
  • 2-3 carrots
  • 100 g cheese
  • 100 g whole wheat flour
  • 250 g spelled flour
  • 250 ml milk (we use oatmilk)
  • 50 ml sparkling water
  • Oil for the waffle iron


Mix the eggs, milk and water. Slowly fold the flour. Rasp the vegetables and the cheese, add it to the rest and mix again.

Then you just use your waffle iron to bake the pastry bit by bit. Enjoy!

You can also use any other kind of vegetables you have at home and if you don’t have a waffle iron just make them in a pan like pancakes.

Apple Pancakes


  • 3 eggs
  • 300 g spelled flour
  • 4-5 apples
  • 400 ml milk (we use oatmilk)
  • 3 Tbsp sparkling water


Peel and rasp the apples. Mix everything in a bowl. Then bake the pastry in a pan with a bit of oil. Enjoy!

In general don’t forget to bring enough water. When you have a baby you are allowed to take water on the airplane. They will also give you water on the plane and even heat it up for you if needed. Make sure your child is drinking, sucking or chewing something while departure and landing to prevent ear pressure!

We hope these two recipes will keep you and your little ones happy on your next trip! Stay relaxed and try out new things, the more the better. If you love to try new tastes and enjoy eating your baby will do too!

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