Our son was born in April 2018. We didn’t have any doubts that traveling with a child is not possible. Traveling with a child is for sure different than traveling alone or with your partner or friends but with the right organization everything is possible.

Here we share our most important tips and experiences. Our son is a great traveler and really easy going. He is a born adventurer just like every other kid! Always be aware that kids are competent human beings, let them discover the world on their own pace! It’s the most amazing thing to watch a child growing up and learning something new every day.

Sustainable Traveling (with Children)

Everyone is talking about sustainability! The important thing is to live sustainable and not just to talk about it. It’s easier than you think and we can all start small with babysteps. Maybe one cannot change the world and our future but together we sure can!

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How we transport our child

The moment you become a parent or already months in advance, you start thinking about what you need to transport your baby. Is a baby … Read More ›

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Packinglist for a Baby or Toddler

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What we and our son eat while traveling

Since we travel with our son we always get asked the same question. A lot of people are interested about what we feed our son … Read More ›

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How to: Fly with a baby

Flying with a baby is easier than you think 😉 We have a lot of friends who often tell us that they would like to … Read More ›

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How to: Roadtrip with baby

Our child has mastered his first long roadtrip at the age of only two weeks. 1200 km in fourteen hours through four countries. It was … Read More ›

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