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If you plan to go traveling with your baby or toddler we highly recommend you to get a baby carrier! Here we already wrote about how we transport our son. Now we want to tell you more about one of our favorite carriers. We have more than one carrier because every carrier is different and so is everyone of us and every child. Not every carrier suits for everyone so we highly recommend to test a few instead of just ordering one online.

There are two things you should consider when looking for the right carrier: the right ergonomic position and the carrying direction. A more detailed information to these essentials you find in the article How we transport our child. Another important thing for us in all products is where it’s produced and where the materials come from.

The Ruckeli Baby association is situated in Berlin, Germany and produces the carriers in close collaboration with textile manufacturers in Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The three main columns of the company are ergonomics, fairness and sustainability. The Ruckeli consist of organic cotton and is suitable for machine wash.

With the Ruckeli you can carry your child in the front, on your back or on your side. You can also roll it up and use it as a seat on your hip. This feature is absolutely brilliant! Especially for a short walk or on an airport we just let our son sit on our hip. The Ruckeli seat gives a great support for that!

When you have kids you will know that there’re always times where you will have to carry them all day long. With the Ruckeli we found a carrier that gives great support no matter how we carry our child. We can carry Liam the whole day with almost not feeling his 10 kilos.

The Ruckeli is suitable for Babies and Toddlers starting from about 3,5 kg to 20 kg. The upper half of the back is steplessly adjustable so the back of your child gets the support it needs. The head-rest is really flexible and snuggles around your childs’ head. In addition it’s sunproof!

The Ruckeli carrier comes in every color you wish for and some beautiful limited editions are available too. We chose the design ‘Whales’ because we love the ocean and everything that has to do with water. Take a look at all the great designs at the official homepage of Ruckeli or get it on amazon.

What distinguishes the Ruckeli from other Baby Carriers

  • Folds into a usable hipseat
  • The headrest is really flexible and snuggles perfectly around your childs’ head
  • The straps are flat and very thin so you can wear a jacket over it. They are also incredibly comfortable and give perfect support!
  • The upper part of the back is steplessly adjustable and grows with your child, the leg-lenght does so aswell.

Do you have a baby carrier? Tell us about your favorites!

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