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When we found out that we were expecting, a baby carrier was the first thing we started looking for! There’s really not a lot you need for a baby, a carrier though is one of the essentials! Here we wrote about how we transport our son in general.

The LIMAS carrier directly convinced us. It looked simple, easy to put on and to adjust. We wanted a carrier we could use from the beginning on. The LIMAS Carrier is suitable from 3 to 15 kg or from size 50 to 86. It was also important to us that our baby gets the right support but is not pressed into an abnormal position. The LIMAS carriers are made of breathable babywearing fabric. They are flexible and light and give the right support where your baby and your back needs it.

The original LIMAS in Vietnam when our son weighted about 9kg.

In addition to the design, we love the story behind LIMAS. Anna and Philipp, the creators of the LIMAS, met each other abroad, just like we did. When their first daughter was born, Anna and her mum sewed a carrier according to their needs and wishes. Then she sewed another one for a friend and soon several more. Then a midwife and babywearing consultant asked for one. That’s how this lovely story began, as a small family business. Even the grandpa learned to sew the carriers!
They really inspire us in showing the magic of carrying your baby and how to make life a little easier for yourself and your child.

The Models

By now the LIMAS comes in three different models. We had the original LIMAS and switched to the LIMAS Flex when our son was eleven months old. All models are suitable to carry your child in the front, on your side and on your back. Carrying him in the original model was something we and also Liam really loved but the heavier he became the harder it got to carry him in the front.

We then looked for a carrier that we can easily put on without binding the shoulder straps. What we wanted was a carrier that can be put on and off faster when Liam started to get mobile. When we switched to the LIMAS Flex we were beyond surprised how comfortable it feels and how much fun it is to carry our son on the back. With this model we can carry Liam till the size of 104 cm or about 20 kg.
The LIMAS Flex, without exaggeration, feels like the most comfortable backpack we’ve ever had! 😉

The LIMAS Flex worn on the back

Another big reason to change to the Flex model was that we can remove the waist belt. Since Liam started to walk this makes it incredibly easy and even faster to take him in the carrier. When he gets tired of walking he quickly hops in just to walk himself again when he’s ready for another adventure.

The LIMAS Flex worn in front and without waist belt as an Onbuhimo on the back

The LIMAS carrier is available in various colors and lovely designs. They are constantly bringing out new ones and there’s one for everyone. We love our neutral ‘Stone’ model that we spiced up with the headrest ‘Adventure’. We are sure that this design was secretly made for us 😉
Take a closer look at all the models, the designs, the accessories and clothes at the official homepage.

If you’re looking for a baby carrier or haven’t found the right one yet, go for the LIMAS Flex. We take it with us all the time and use it every single day. It really makes parents life so much easier and more fun!

What distinguishes the LIMAS Flex from other Baby Carriers

  • Really fast and easy to put on due to buckles to close 
  • Light fabric and simple design
  • The waist belt can be removed so you can wear it as an Onbuhimo – even faster to put on and also possible to wear when you’re pregnant
  • The leg-length is steplessly adjustable and grows with your child
  • The headrest can be removed and changed. Like that you can give your carrier a new look every day
  • Worn on the back it feels like the most comfortable backpack you can imagine!

Do you have a baby carrier? Tell us about your favorites!

Limas Baby Carrier

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  1. This looks so great. I know we had a couple of baby carriers but they carried our daughter upfront and not behind which made hiking or anything a bit awkward. This would have been great to have.

    1. We love this carrier! We still often carry in front but it’s easier on the back especially while hiking. The LIMAs makes our life a lot easier for sure 🙂

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