Have you ever watched the world waking up? We are sure that everyone of you has already seen a sunset haven’t you? They are beautiful, especially when you can see the sun setting into the sea. But if you haven’t seen a sunrise so far, you should definitly give it a go.

A sunrise ist truly something special. We especially like the whole process behind it. It all starts with getting up early and getting dressed, still half asleep, hitting the road to search for the perfect spot. Some spots you can reach driving but others you have to hike and climb up to. We like that excitement, walking up an unknown path, just seeing the small points of light from our headlamps. It’s usually really quiet while hiking up. It’s the time where you are alone with each other and your thoughts, concentrating on the way, to not trip over rocks or roots. Depending where you are you have to watch out for wild animals.

In Sri Lanka we almost didn’t make it on time because of a wild elephant on the road in front of us. The hike may be exhausting but the cold fresh air wakes you up. And we promise it’s going to be worth it!

The moment you reach the top you look for a good spot and get comfortable. We already were too early a few times so we sat there quite a while just waiting.

Our first really amazing sunrise we saw in Pai, in the north of Thailand. We got up way too early, around 3 a.m. and drove downhill through the village and up a hill on the other side. We sat there for such a long time in the cold and the dark. But we enjoyed the silence, not talking much and looking down over the valley when the contoures slowly started to get stronger. When it got a little lighter, the birds started to chirp and the roosters to crow. Compared to the peaceful silence before, it was a really loud concert.

And then it suddenly came up behind the hill. A shining red fireball which filled the whole valley with light. Not only it brought light, it also led to the start of a new day. We sat there for about an hour, watching the sun coming up, enjoying the warmth after the cold darkness.

For us watching the sunrise is the perfect start into the day. There’s nothing more exciting than watching this spectacle of nature that changes everything. When the sun is up we are having an early breakfast and it’s nice to watch the rest of the world waking up. Despite the early wakeup it energizes us everytime and lets us enjoy the day in a whole other way. We got hooked after that amazing sunrise in Pai. So now we take the chance whenever we are at a place that could offer a beautiful sunrise.

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