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While we would say that we’re already pros in packing our backpacks, it’s a whole new thing for us to pack for our baby. After trying it a few times on weekend trips, short travels and a big backpacking trip through Vietnam we are now ready to tell you you will need.

Actually it’s mostly just the same that you need for yourself. The advantage is that the clothes of your kid are a lot smaller.

You have to know that we always pack for all opportunities. We have never been in a country where it was warm and sunny everywhere. Also we are not the type of travelers who stay at the beach for weeks, not even for days. We do sightseeing, we do adventures, watersports, sunrise hikes, wildlife-watching and maybe a little bit of lying at the beach 😉


As mentioned above we pack for all opportunities. For our little one we packed 4 short sleeved bodies, 2 long sleeved bodies, 2 T-shirts, 1 long sleeved shirt, 2 short pants, 3 long pants (two thin ones and one warmer one) and some socks. We took one cardigan, a woolwalk-overall and a pyjama. For cold nights we have a sleepingbag for warmer nights a big muslin cloth. Depending on where you go, a rainjacket mostly comes in handy as well.

For the beach we had a towel, a UV shirt and a cloth-swimdiaper. The hat and the sunglasses were indispensable too.

We definitely needed all the cloths we took with us. When we traveled to warmer areas we didn’t need the warm sleepingbag and the overall anymore but in the cooler areas we definitely did. In the backpack every gram counts so inform yourself about the weather conditions that you don’t pack too much. At most destinations you can ofcourse buy something if you forgot anything or if the conditions are different to what you expected.


At home we use exclusively clothdiapers so we are fully equipped with what we need while traveling. It’s not always easy to find diapers to buy and also we don’t want to produce waste if we don’t have to. For traveling we use muslin cloths as they are easy to wash and they dry quickly. As inlay we took seven muslin cloths and five fleeceliners. To cover up, three covers and a 3in1 diaper were totally enough. We stored the dirty diapers in a wetbag and washed the muslin cloths and fleeceliners every two days. The covers we just washed every evening.

Nevertheless we took some disposable diapers for the nights and just in case. But clothdiapers are definitely our first choice, they hold as much or even more as disposable ones, explosions never really happen and they don’t smell as soon as they get into contact with urine. Parents will know what we’re talking about ?

big luggage


For the flight we all dressed in several layers. You never know if it’s cool or warm on the plane. Often the weather and the temperature is different where you arrive than where you started. So Liam wore a short-sleeved Body, a cozy long-sleeved shirt and long pants. We took an extra cardigan just in case and on top he wore his woolwalk-overall. This overall is perfect because the wool is temperature-balancing and is perfect for autumn, winter and spring or even fresh summernights. Also it doesn’t take as much space as a thick jacket and still does the same job. 

We also had a beanie, legwarmers and slippers with us. A beanie we always take no matter where we go! Everyone who already spent a night in a freezing cold bus, train or plane because of the air-condition, knows why 😉

All the stuff he daily needs we usually have in a bag with a zipper. Like that we have everything together. On the plane we took his waterbottle, a bowl and a spoon, a lunchbox with some small snacks. Check this article if you want to know which snacks we like to take when we travel.

A big muslin cloth serves as a blanket or to put under the child when you change it. We also took a diaper changing mat but usually, a towel, a muslin cloth or something similar is enough. In a small wetbag we had some wet cloths which are always handy to have and some desinfectant wipes just in case.

To play we took a ball and stacking cups as these are items which usually keep most of the kids busy for quite a while. You don’t have to bring anything special or a lot of toys. The biggest favorites here are everyday objects such as clothespins and toothbrushes.

Don’t forget medicamets if needed, a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

And the most important things are the passport and the tickets!

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