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We know the Internet is full of packing lists but let’s be honest, we all need them. With a list you are sure that you didn’t forget anything and when you take it with you on the trip, only one look reminds you that you only took seven pairs of socks while you’re searching for pair number eight. You can download the list below, tell us if we forgot something! 😉 If you want to know how we pack for our son then take a look on our packing list for a baby and toddler.

I (Annagreta) joined the scouts at the age of six, which was also the age when I got my first big 55-liter backpack. I can still remember how excited and proud I was. As soon as I was home I checked all the features and paked it for the first time. That was the moment whenmy Dad gave me my first packing list.

The challenge about traveling with a backpack is that everything you need has to fit and you still have to be able to carry it. We testet quite a few backpacks so far and finally found our absolute favourite which is the Fjällräven Kajka

Since I was six years old when I got my first backpack by now I can say that I have many years of practise by now. At the age of 19 I walked 200 km of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. There I learned what I really need and what I don’t. Every extra T-Shirt you take just means you have more days in between laundrydays 😉 I also learned that good gear is important. It probably costs a bit more but is usually definitely worth the money! That will be another blogpost though. You can download the list at the end of the blogpost so that you can cross all the items off while packing. 


The most important thing is that you can carry your luggage and that it feels comfortable. It’s important to think about where you’re going, what your are doing and how big it can be. We always choose a backpack because we have our hands free and we can easily walk everywhere. The biggest volume we can recommend is 65-liters, you will usually not need more!

Backpack, Suitcase, Weekender,…

You know that we usually travel with a backpack. But whatever suits you the best is fine. Just make sure everything fits in one bag to make traveling easier for you.
Annagretas Backpack
Toms Backpack
Liams Backpack

The best backpack we have owned so far!


Usually we have handluggage on us. In there we carry the most important things which we could need along the road. Like that you don’t have to open your big bag or start searching somewhere. Remember that your luggage can also go missing or get stuck somewhere on the way when you’re traveling by plane.

Important Things

Our most important things we always carry in our handluggage or directly on us in pockets, a small bag or belt. These items include the passport (valid more than 6 months), the flighttickets or other tickets for public transport, ID, Bank- and Creditcards (plus emergency numbers to block the cards), Insurance-Card, (International) Driving Licence, Vaccination certificate (optional),…

We usually store all our essentials in a handy bumbag


We like it simple and practical. Pack as light as possible if you know that you will have to carry or pull your luggage.
We pack underwear and socks, t-shirts (minimum 3), shorts/skirts, light long pants (we prefer zipp-off pants), bathing shorts/bikini, pullover, sandals, hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunhat/beanie, rainjacket and rainpants. Of course it depends a bit on the destination but these are usually the basics we need everywhere. For the north you will probably pack extra warm clothes and a jacket, for the south you may need less.
Don’t underestimate the air condition, we already had freezing cold nights on busses or on trains so we really always pack a scarf, a beanie and the fleeceoverall!

Hygiene and Medication

We usually take these products with us and don’t buy them where we go to. Not only because we sometimes end up somewhere where there are no possibilities to shop but also because at some places hygienic products are incredibly expensive.
So we take shampoo and showergel or soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, deodorant, suncream (natural and reef friendly) and aftersun (depending on where you go coconut oil or aloe vera works great as after sun treat!), mosquito spray (usually good to buy at the destination), travel towels, personal medication, laundry detergent. 


We usually take a travel guide, a headlamp/flashlight with extra batteries, earplugs, a small knive, drinking bottles (our bottle, Liams bottle), a small paper notebook and a pen, a mosquitonet, sewing kit and small locks. Of course our electronical and camera equipment cannot be left home neither. This usually includes the camera plus lenses, GoPro and phone. Don’t forget the batteries, chargers and extra SD-cards.

Tell us what you always take on a trip and if you think that we should add something to the list 😉 

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