The moment you become a parent or already months in advance, you start thinking about what you need to transport your baby. Is a baby carrier or baby sling enough? Do we need a stoller? How do we tansport the baby in the car? Questions over questions and so many offers. We have a year of experience by now and want to share our tips with you!

Baby Carrier

A carrier is our personal allrounder. Babies are made to be carried. They feel save when they are close to you and calm down immediately.

For us the advantages of carrying our child are that we are mobile and flexible. We can move freely wherever we are going. Also our hands are free. A carrier is lightweight and fits everywhere. For our backpacking trips our carrier is absolutely essential. Beside our backpacks, we cannot carry any extra big, bulky or heavy items. Also at most of the places we travel to we don’t find straight footpaths. When we carry our baby we can walk in our usual pace and can be sure to be able to enter everywhere.

What you should consider while carrying your baby

Right ergonomic position: Make sure that you get the right baby carrier, wrap or sling for you and your baby. It has to fit both of you and it has to provide the right ergonomic position. When you lift up your baby it automatically pulls its legs to its body and spreads them. The older the baby gets, the more it will spread its legs. Butt and legs will form an M which will make it easy to place the baby on your hip. It’s important that this M-Position can be kept up in the carrier or sling.

Carrying Direction: Please don’t carry your baby facing away from you. Your baby should be turned towards you no matter if you’re carrying it in front or on your back. Facing front the M-Position isn’t possible so your child will hang in the carrier like in a climbing harness and all its weight will lie on its pelvis. Further will the back of your baby be bent in the wrong direction. Your child could also be confronted with too many impressions without having the chance to look away and move its face towards your body. Especially while traveling this is important as it can get loud and busy and the locations change quite often.

We carried our son a year long in a Limas carrier and enjoyed it a lot.  We like that it’s super soft, lightweight, breathable and so easy to put on. It’s the perfect carrier to carry your baby from birth on and we take it wherever we go.
Now that our son is a year old and is starting to get mobile we will change to another carrier. We will go for a carrier with fixed shoulder straps. Like that we can get him in and out a lot faster. Also carrying on the back will be easier like that. Limas brought out the perfect model in the LIMAS Flex if you want to take a look at here. Also the Ruckeli Baby carrier we like to use.
Extra tip, there are even carriers for twins, take a look at this one!

Shoulder or Back-Carrier

A back carrier is perfect for a day outside in nature or a hiking tour. Most of them have an integrated daypack so you can carry your child and everything you need. As they are constructed like a backpack, they are very comfortable and you can enjoy a couple of days in the mountains. Your child has a comfortable seat and is safe in there.

We absolutely love hiking but we cannot take an extra carrier on our backpacking trips. We were very happy about finding the Minimeis which is a shoulder-carrier. It can fold super small and is really light so it fits into our backpacks and is easy to take everywhere.
All kids are curious and want to explore the world but still feel safe with its parents closeby. On the Minimeis your child can see everything but feels save on your shoulders. Both, Tom and Liam enjoy this kind of caring a lot!

The Minimeis is also very handy in countries where people don’t have any restraint to touch your kid. We already made the experience that everyone wanted to touch Liams cheeks without even asking. This is something we’re not used to at all and even if we know that it’s meant as a nice gesture, we were not happy about, as it’s his face and body. In a shoulder or back-carrier your child sits high enough that no-one can reach it’s head 😉


We do have a stroller for some practical reasons. We take it when we go on short citytrips where we stay in one place so the extra luggage doesn’t matter. Especially when only one of us, usually Annagreta, is traveling with our son then a stroller is quite useful.
We looked a long time to find a really small, lightweight and still comfortable stroller and found all these attributes in the yoyo+ by babyzen.

Although a carrier is usually our first choice, it can be a relief to have some extra space in the stoller and to not have to carry all your luggage and your child on you while exploring a city.
For us it was important to chose a stroller which can be taken as cabin-luggage. So far we had the same conversation with every airline. We could take the yoyo+ till the airplane’s entrance and had to fold it to store it in the luggage compartment. The moment we had the stroller folded we got a surprised sight of the flight crew as they couldn’t believe it was so small that it really fits in the overhead compartments. So far we could always take it into the passengers area and didn’t have any latency.


A carseat is essential if you have a car or drive with a car together with your baby. From our personal experience we recommend to wait till the baby is born for buying a carseat. There are so many different kinds of seats and they all have other forms. Babys come in all kind of different shapes too 😉

Ask friends or family if they have a seat to borrow you for the first weeks. Usually all the hospitals have some for going home if you get the baby in a hospital. In Austria there are organisations where you can borrow them for very little money for a whole year long. That means you don’t have to invest in an expensive carseat which you can only use for about a year.
After our baby was born we went to a specialised shop and let the baby try the seats. Like that we found one he felt comfortable in and this makes roadtrips much easier! Don’t forget the seat also has to fit to your car!
We would always recommend a reboarder like this or this one for children under the age of four. They are five times more secure than a forward-facing seat.

If you are planning on renting a car or you know you will do long taxi or bus drives, inform yourself if there’s a seat available. There are also booster-seats which are foldable or even to blow up like this one. They are easy to take with you while traveling.
Check the legislation before you enter a country!

These are our personal tips for how to transport your child. How do you carry your child, are you using a stroller, which carseat suits your child the best? Tell us about your experience, we’re happy to hear about!

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