Flying with a baby is easier than you think 😉 We have a lot of friends who often tell us that they would like to go somewhere further but they are afraid of flying with their kids. They tell us that it will be too exhausting or have other reasons. We can tell that it can be exhausting but a day on a plane is always a bit exhausting isn’t it? There really is not much difference just because your child is with you. It’s actually so much more exciting and fun!

To fly with your kid is even easier than driving with the car. When the baby or kid needs something while you’re driving and you’re alone, it’s often not easy or impossible to stop the car immediately. So we really recommend to always be with two while driving with the car with children. Of course everything is easier with two but flying is also easily doable alone. Believe us, we tested it 😉

The most important thing is to be organized and to know exactly what you have with you and where to find it!

First we recommend traveling with a backpack as always! With a backpack your hands are free for the child. When we travel with big luggage, we check in the big backpack and take a small one on the plane as carry-on luggage. In the hand luggage we carry all the important things we need on the plane or afterwards while waiting for the big backpack. Keep in mind that the big luggage sometimes arrives later! If you want to know what to pack, check out our packing list.

Carry-on luggage

In the carry-on luggage we carry our passports, tickets, money, phone and charger, keys and other personal belongings like glasses, sunglasses, medicine, tissues, hygienic products, disinfectant wipes, toothbrush and everything else you need. Just pack what you really need! We also always have our camera and the lenses and other objects of value on us.


The bag for the baby fits in the packbag but is an extra bag to keep everything together. We usually use a wetbag as they are super handy! In there is a diaper changing mat, clothdiapers, cotton cloths, disinfection, a small lunch box with snacks, a waterbottle, some toys or books or something our little one really likes.

That’s everything we take! The most important thing is that you can reach and get out everything with just one hand and easy because searching for things in a narrow airplane seat really isn’t comfortable.

General tips

As long as our son was small and light we just carried him the whole time. Please make sure to get an ergonomic carrier like the Limas or a Tula carrier. Since he got bigger and heavier and doesn’t want to be carried the whole day but explore his environment, we got a yoyo+ by babyzen. It depends where we are going as we’re not taking a stroller on a big trip but it’s perfectly fine for a citytrip or when you’re traveling alone. It’s great as it fits in the overhead bins in the airplane so you can take it with you on the plane and don’t have to wait for it anywhere!

As already mentioned before, kow exactly where you find what you will need and try to keep everything together.

Try to give your baby something to drink while take off and landing to avoid ear pressure.

Stay relaxed all the time, there’s no need to stress. People are usually always happy to help and the plane staff is there to support you! We usually walk up and down a bit, change the diaper and watch the staff to make time go faster.

We hope this does sound so easy that you pack your things soon and go on adventure. There’s no reason for not to fly with your baby or kid if you want to 😉

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