Do you have a Bucketlist? If you don’t know yet what a Bucketlist is, it’s a personal list about your dreams and wishes. It’s a great way to think and reflect about yourself and to set your priorities. Also we think that a bucketlist makes life more fun, especially when you can cross something off! 😉 

You can write your bucketlist about all kind of things and different topics. Maybe you want to write a few ones. One for traveling, another one for your professional or personal targets. Just sit down and start being creative!

We will share our personal Bucketlist here with you. It’s a list that will change from time to time. Very often we will find new things to add. But when we are very lucky we can cross something off, write about it and enjoy the memories 🙂

Our Bucketlist

Countries we want to travel to

  • Visit all European Countries (Missing: Iceland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Portugal) 
  • Peru 
  • Argentina
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Philipines
  • Hawaii
  • New Zealand
  • Mongolia
  • … and many more

Things we want to do


  • starting a blog
  • do a photography course
  • help making the world a better place every day a little bit
  • watch animals in the wild and be amazed 
  • Visit Bagan
  • Visit Ankor Wat
  • walk the portugese Camino de Santiago
  • walk the Pacific trail
  • hike Machu Pichcu in Peru
  • hike to El Mirador in Guatemala
  • watching the sunrise as often as possible
  • sleeping in an igloo/ice-hotel
  • try local food everywhere we go
  • see the northern lights
  • do a houseboat trip
  • dive with all kind of sharks
  • going through Canada by train
  • hiking in Patagonia
  • do a solo parachute jump
  • spend a week on an island all alone
  • show the egyptian temples to our son
  • having a drink in a rooftop bar
  • getting more kids and seeing them all grow up


Tell us about your Bucketlist or experiences. Do you have any tips for us? Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂