About Us

Hej! We are Anna-Greta from Austria and Tom from Belgium. While backpacking through Central America we met in December 2014 at a wonderful place in Guatemala. We spent two wonderful days at the Finca Ixobel and in Flores before our ways parted again. More than a year later we finally managed to meet in Brussels. Only a week later we decided to book a last minute flight to Thailand. That was our first backpacking trip together and just the start of many adventures.

For two years we were living in a long distance relationship. When we weren’t busy with work and daily life we spend every weekend possible with exploring each others home cities and countries. But as often as there’s time we like to go a little further to get to know new places!

Since April 2018 we are no longer only a backpacking couple but a little backpacking family and couldn’t be happier to dive into this new adventure!

Why Backpackingcouple?
Because we simply love backpacking! For us it’s the easiest way to travel and a lifestyle. On our blog you will find everything about traveling as easy as possible with as less things as possible!

Hej I’m Anna-Greta and I was born and grew up in Graz, a very relaxed city in Austria. On my first flight I was only eleven months old when my parents went to Corfu, Greece. I got my first big backpack when I was six years old to join the scouts. I was so proud!

Thanks to my parents, the scouts and the fact that it’s very easy to travel in Europe, traveling has always been a very important part of my life!

When I was 14 years old I finally got my own passport and spent a month at relatives in Sweden. With 16 I went to school in Ireland for five months and my biggest trip so far was a 6 months backpacking trip through Central America including a volunteering project at a turtle island.

I love being outdoor, long woodwalks, big mountain hikes, refreshing dips in the sea and relaxing evenings at the fireplace.
Besides traveling I worked and studied in Vienna and found another big passion in real estate!

Hi I’m Tom, 30 years old and born in Bruges, Belgium. As a child I traveled to several European countries but it took me about 25 years until the travelbug bit me. While traveling through Central America I found my passion in backpacking. Since then I also traveled to Asia, Indonesia and more European countries.

If I would describe myself in one word it would be adventurous. I went diving in the cenotes of Mexico and the Blue Hole in Belize. I love to dive with sharks, sliding down snowy mountains and jumping out of planes with a parachute.

Traveling has become one of my biggest passions and something I will never get tired of.

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