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Hej! We are Anna-Greta from Austria and Tom from Belgium. We met in December 2014 while backpacking through Central America at a wonderful place in Guatemala. We spent two wonderful days at the Finca Ixobel and in Flores before our ways parted again. More than a year later we finally managed to meet in Brussels. Only a week later we decided to book a last minute flight to Thailand. That was our first backpacking trip together and just the start of many adventures. When we are busy with work and daily life we spend every weekend possible with exploring each others home cities and countries. But as often as there’s time we like to go a little further to get to know new places!

Since April 2018 we are no longer only a backpacking couple but a little backpacking family and couldn’t be happier looking forward to this new adventure!

Why Backpackingcouple? Because we simply love backpacking! For us it’s the easiest way to travel and a lifestyle. Here you will find everything about traveling as easy as possible with as less things as possible! 

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Our Story – How it all started

If you want to know the beginning of our story, where we met and how it all began you should continue reading 🙂 To make it more exciting we thought it would be interesting to hear the story from both sides. So first you can read Tom’s story and then Anna-Greta’s.

Annagretas’ Story

In October 2014 a study colleague and I (Annagreta) decided to travel for a few months just after we got our bachelor degree. Our choice fell on Central America. By December, we were already through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and half of Guatemala.

We ended up in lovely little Flores and still had a week until we wanted to continue to Mexico. After visiting the amazing Tikal we wanted to see more Mayan ruins and booked a five-day hike to El Mirador. Sadly the guide fooled us, our first and only bad experience, but in the end it all turned out good! We didn’t feel well about staying in Flores for five days more so we consulted our travel book and read about the Finca Ixobel which was only a one and a half hour bus ride away. As my friend also didn’t feel so well, she agreed as it seemed like a peaceful place, just right to relax for a few days.

So we took our backpacks, walked to the bus station, got on a bus and got off in Poptun where a Tuktuk driver dropped us off at the Finca. First along the street, but soon he turned onto a path through the woods. And there it was, surrounded by woods and hills, a lovely ecological Finca. We decided to take the dormitory, so far we were the only guests.

While my friend got herself comfortable to get better, I decided to catch up on my travel diary. I sat down outside under the roof on the terrace and started to write about the events of the last days. A few meters beside me the owner of the Finca taught English to a local and I enjoyed listening with one ear. I could watch the grazing horses and right in front of me the hummingbirds enjoyed the nectar of the feeding station that was hanging down from the roof. I have never before felt so calm and peaceful, so at ease with myself. And then two guys came along the path, went to the reception, walked by, greeted nicely and went on direction dormitory. I could not sit still much longer and followed to see if they were really staying there.

They were super friendly, told us their names and where they were from and we talked a bit about our journey so far. On the next day they asked me if I would join them on a little hike around the Finca and I was happy to get some company. It was a wonderful walk, I enjoyed the nature so much. The rest of the day we spent talking and laughing till late in the night sitting outside. I couldn’t remember when I had laughed so much the last time.

On the next day they decided to continue their trip to Flores. We weren’t sure if we were going to stay at the Finca longer but I told them that if we would go back, I would be at the ‘Los Amigos’ Hostel around 6 p.m. As a big group came to the Finca later and we would have had to move, we went back to Flores a little later. As told I went to the hostel with another traveler we met on the way. I really hoped that the Belgians would show up and they did! It was another wonderful evening with great talks, cocktails and playing games in the bar upstairs.

Sadly our ways didn’t cross anymore on the next day. I went having breakfast in a really nice café and for the second time the feeling I had at the Finca overwhelmed me. If I should give that feeling a name, I would have called it home. Early on the next morning we left to leave the country direction Mexico. The bus drove through the most wonderful landscape and with every meter we went further, I wished I hadn’t left.

The following months we wrote emails to each other from time to time but not regularly. For January 2015 a friend, who studies in Belgium, invited me to his birthday party. My friends and I decided to go and I saw it as a chance and luckily Tom took it! I will never forget how fast my heart was beating when I went towards the railway station where he arrived. And then I saw him again after such a long time and he came towards me and kissed me for the first time. The rest of the day we spent with walking around in Brussels and the night with partying, holding each others hands and not letting the other one go anymore.

A week later we booked a last minute flight to Thailand, the beginning of our adventure!

Toms’ Story

It all started already a few years back from now when my cousin and I (Tom) were traveling from Honduras to Guatemala.
We were on a bus heading to the North of Guatemala to visit the majestic Tikal. After a few hours we both got bored and decided to take the next opportunity to get off and to see where the road would take us. As it was my first ‘big’ trip it was all very exciting and the adventures and the wild were calling my name. Not planning anything in advance and not knowing where to go gave us a real adrenaline rush.

We got off the bus and started to walk along the street. After several kilometers we stumbled upon a little sign that said ‘Finca Ixobel’. We looked it up in our lonely planet guide to see if anything was mentioned about. The Finca was described as an ecological place, surrounded by nature, away from the typical tourist attractions, an oasis of rest and peace. That attracted us so we took that dusty road, curious if the lonely planet didn’t promise too much.

And then magic happened. We left the wood and stood on a big meadow. There were some big trees and treehouses, wooden sheds and horses grazing in the sun. The Finca was on the other side of the field and there, under a roof on the terrace she was sitting in the sun, reading a book with hummingbirds flying around her head. I felt like I was in a dream and I and had to blink my eyes a few times to realize that this was real. The only words i could say to my cousin were “look, look, look, have you seen her?!” 😀 It was like lightning stroke me, I didn’t know what was going on around me anymore but one thing was for sure, I HAD to meet this girl!

I was really happy that when we went to look for our dorm, I saw that she was staying in the same room! We greeted and introduced ourselves to each other and talked a little. As we were hungry and tired from the day my cousin and I just had dinner then and went to bed early this night.

The next day my cousin and I went horseback riding over the surrounding hills and enjoyed the nature. Once back we saw Anna-Greta sitting outside again and asked if she wanted to join us for a little hike around. She came with us which brought us to a super nice afternoon full with good talks that continued till late in the evening with a beer and great laughter.

The next day we went to Flores, last stop before Tikal. We asked Annagreta if she knows any good place there since she had already been there. That way we came up on the bar ‘Los Amigos’, a nice travelers hostel. We as well agreed on meeting in the bar that evening if the girls would come again to Flores.

They went back to Flores and showed up at the bar. That night was one of the best I had on the whole trip. We talked the whole night, had so much fun playing games (they had a huge Jenga), enjoyed the cocktails and felt really good together. We could just feel the chemistry.

After that night we didn’t see each other anymore as our travel routes continued into different directions. Every once in a while we wrote a mail to each other but not regularly. But then one day we started talking again on a daily basis and picked right up where we had left. She also told me that she planned on coming to Brussels in Belgium to meet a friend for his birthday and that we could meet.

A few months later the day was finally there and I kissed her directly for the very first time at the moment I saw her again and I knew she had my heart already a long time ago.

We spent the day walking around and talking about everything. Nothing could take us out of our own bubble. It was an amazing day and night and the start of something new and growing.

Only one week later we booked a last minute flight to Thailand and started our own book of love.