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We absolutely love to be outdoor and we love water. If you don’t know where to find us we are either in the woods, in the mountains or at the water. We like to be in, under, above and near water. No wonder that our son is crazy about water too! Last weekend we spent a wonderful day at the beach in Zeebrugge which is just a 15 minutes train ride away from Bruges.

It’s the perfect destination for young families and everyone who enjoys a quiet beaches without any bars and not fully crowded. Even on the weekend it was nicely calm. Make sure to take food and drinks, your swimshorts and sun protection. And if you don’t have watershoes yet, it’s time to get a pair of barefoot water shoes!

We haven’t heard about barefoot shoes or watershoes until our son started to walk and we were looking for the right shoes for him. Children should walk barefoot until they learned to walk securely. If they have to wear shoes anyway, because they could otherwise hurt their feet, the shoes should be as soft and bendable as possible. We were getting curious and wanted to try this too. Just at this moment we got the possibility to try a pair of Aleader shoes.

We had a great time at the beach, did not burn our feet in the heated-up sand and could run and jump in the water without the need to watch our step. The water in Zeebrugge is a little fresh at the beginning but on a warm day it does so good. Liam we hardly got out again 😉

The other weekend destination in the next day was Tillegembos which is perfect to cool-down on a very warm day. Tilleghembos is a big wood in the outskirts of Bruges. It’s perfect for walking, easy hikes or running. There’s also a big playground for kids of every age, a tearoom and a castle. You can just walk along the numerous paths or you follow the guided routes. Whenever we are in Bruges and have some freetime, we take a walk there and always enjoy it a lot! A bus will take you there in just 15 minutes.

The shoes were still wet when we entered Tillegembos but they didn’t feel uncomfortable. They are light and airy and perfect for warm temperatures. Due to the non-slip rubber sole we had a good grip on every subsoil. They do feel a bit unusual at first. The front of the shoes is extra wide and designed as five toe box to give your toes the space they need and to help your feet relax. We have to warn you, once your feet get used to this new freedom, you will not want to wear any other shoes anymore.

This is what a perfect weekend outdoor looks to us!

As backpackers we always pack light-weight and minimalistic. Now that we’re traveling with our son that’s even more important. Experience taught us that good footwear is really important while traveling. When we’re walking with our backpacks we always wear solid shoes! Since a long time we were already looking for light shoes we can wear for every occasion. Even if we go to the beach we usually prefer sandals over flip-flops as we never know what will come up. Sometimes we take a spontaneous boat trip and need a good grip. Or the ground is full of sharp stones which makes walking barefoot uncomfortable or dangerous. In the future we will only need two pair of shoes instead of the three we took so far. Besides our hiking shoes the Aleader barefoot water shoes replace the sneakers and flip-flops and weight almost nothing.

With our code BACKPACKINGCOUPLE you can get 15% off. Just fill in the code at the end of your purchase! We got the shoes in our usual size but they could be a little larger. We would advice to take them in the next bigger size!

14 Replies to “A weekend outdoor around Bruges

  1. Love this and I also try and encourage my kids to be outdoors as much as possible. I’ve visited Belgium a couple of times but still need to do Bruges – great post

    Laura x

  2. Ooh, I’d love to visit Bruges! We’re quite outdoorsy as a family so I think we’d enjoy doing what you guys did 🙂

    Louise x

  3. It definitely seems worth it to me! What a beautiful place it is! I’d love to visit someday in the future.

  4. Zeebruges seems like a great place to visit. I have never visited but would like to based on your review and images! How fun and exciting!

  5. Sounds like lots of fun! i love time outdoors, it recharges me and is always very energetic and fun! thanks for posting. If ever come to Bruges I will consider it as a nice add

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